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April 19th, 2012, 12:38 PM
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thank you for the congrats girls and for the reassurance! My poor mind has been racing. I got the numbers yesterday for the blood work and it was at 28. I am not sure exactly how many DPO I was on Tuesday. It is either 9dpo-11dpo. I got off of depo back in December after 6 years and I took Vitex to help my cycle get back to normal. I swear by Vitex as my period and ovulation returned within a month. Anyway, I guess I just got luck and got an early positive We were actually out of town on vacation got my birthday and the last 2 days on vacation, I was not feeling too good. Was tired, exhausted feeling even though I would get plenty of sleep, dizzy, and nauseated! I decided to test as soon as I got home and sure enough.. pregnant! Best Birthday present I could ever imagine.

I called them today and told them it would be hard for me to come in tomorrow for blood work since I have things to do so they told me it would be ok if I came in today instead, so I went in this morning and got my 2nd blood work done. Waiting on them to call now with the results/number. Please say a prayer that my numbers have doubled. I have a feeling they have because I have taken a test each morning and the test line keeps getting stronger and darker like the control line! yay!! Will post as soon as I find out.
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