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April 19th, 2012, 04:53 PM
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I had another NST scan today. Once again Cody failed the NST scan. He didn't move the whole time I was hooked up. He had a good heart rate but no movement. They called my doctor and they ordered a Biophysical Ultrasound. My fluid looks good. At first the tech had a hard to get him to move. At one point I said he isn't moving. She said no and i don't think he cares that we want him to move. Right towards the end she finally got him to move. They scored him 8 out of 8. They sent me home on modify bed rest. I'm not supposed to lay down all the time but I am not supposed to do that much. I have to drink something g cold and lay on my left side couple times a day and do kick counts. If i don't feel that much movement over the weekend then I have to go back in. I have appointment on Tuesday. I have a question. Since he passed the Biophysical Ultrasound should I worry since he failed his NST scan. I was hoping these let four weeks would go by fast without any problems. Its not looking like that.
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