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April 19th, 2012, 11:22 PM
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Guess I'll update before I go to bed. Today is Thursday, 4/19. I'm 36w6d by the first u/s, 37w1d by O date on FF.

Amnio fluid basically has been leaking all day (we think). I called Hovenga, but she wasn't in so got a call from her office saying to go in to the hospital. Given that it's TOO EARLY and there's no one up here, we decided to just hang tight here and check in tomorrow in hopes I can talk with Hov. personally. My mom will be coming up tomorrow, probably arrive close to 8 or 9p... so, I'll probably check in to the hospital sometime during the day for monitoring, but will beg, plead, kick, scream to NOT do any induction process until evening when I know mom's there and Sean can be with me.

I called IL's to tell them to be on alert and I *thought* they understood they could be coming up tomorrow morning... well, called again this afternoon to tell them to come on up, and they went to Mesa! So... called my mom to come up and she can. I think IL's may be a bit discouraged not to be here first, but they wouldn't get here until Sat night after a LONG drive home, pack and then up here... so they would be exhausted. We figured that wouldn't work anyway because the hospital would be impatient with L&D.

Anyway... It's quite the saga. Too many things are NOT done, including packing for the hospital! cleaning! Work!!! AAAK!.

No real contractions. Gone through 3-4 pads, 2 pairs of undies and pants in the course of 16 hours, so definitely WET and all indications that it's amnio fluid and not anything else. All's clear, no fever, smells like what they say aF should smell like (semen)...

Sadly to admit, I'm not excited. It's just sooo early and I'm soooo not ready. Sigh. I hope this changes tomorrow, because I'm pretty sure we'll have her here this weekend.

If nothing else, I pray we do not have to jump start things too much, if at all, but also that she doesn't make an early appearance tomorrow. I want my mom up and the kids situated and some work crossed off my list in order to be happy about timing
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