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April 20th, 2012, 05:45 AM
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So I have an u/s today with MFM. I also have to start meds for my GD today. I have to pick up my prescription and take a pill 3 times a day to control my blood sugar. I am also extremely swollen due to me retaining fluid. My OB wants me to do an EKG next week I guess because GD puts a strain on your heart, especially with all this extra fluid hanging around my body. Still I am trying to look at the bright side, I get to see my baby today! Also, I get to discuss next week whether or not I get those steroid shots I was going to get at 32w, which is next Tuesday for me. I'll keep everyone posted on my appointment today!


No good news. My vision went out and I had to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring. I'll be staying overnight and getting a MRI. I am also having constant contractions, but no cervix changes thank god. I really do not know what is going on, but when I do I will update everyone. I really wanted to see the baby too.

**2nd Update**

I am home. Turns out my vision was impared due to my diabetes. My MRI came back fine and so did all of my blood work. I did end up having to a gew a few shots to stop my contractions, which sucked, but they stopped almost immediately. They were pretty strong too which surprised me. I am still 1cm dialated, but definately no cervical change. I have to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor and see if my doctor will see me earlier next week. I still have to get my EKG next week because of the diabetes. Also, I need to reschedule my u/s with MFM. I sooooo wanted to see my baby yesterday! Grrr!!! Also, let me just add that I HATE MRI's. I am very clastaphobic, so being inside that machine was terrible. I could not be sedated because of the pregnancy, so they had to tie me down and blindfold me to get me inside. The baby did not like it either and I thought he was going to punch through my stomach to get out he was freaking out so much. I really hope I never have to do that again. Ugh.

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