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April 20th, 2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Pitridge View Post
I hope you go into labor on your own, have you try running?, sex? Castro Oil? I understand what you are saying. I want a normal birth more than anything in the world and I know I will be very dissapointed if I can't do a VBAC.
Well running is something I just don't do LOL. I would probably really injure myself especially being at the weight I am at. Castor Oil I don't feel comfortable doing since it can make the baby have a bowel movement and not do anything but give mom the poops. I asked our doctors last time about it and they advised against it for those reasons. Apparently one of their other patients did it and he said it was a proverbial poo storm up in the hospital haha.

However sex yes...EPO yes...Red Raspberry Leaf Tea yes...birth ball yes...Walking yes...accupressure yes....pumping/nipple stimulation...yes. I am sure there's other stuff I am missing lol. I've tried making italian meals with extra basil and oregano.

I ate a fresh pineapple every day when I was pregnant with our son and it never did anything either ;/

I think our babies are just stubborn

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