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April 20th, 2012, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by lindsey2000k View Post
Sex... sperm is supposed to be a natural thing that gets your cervix soft.
Nipple stimulation? maybe try a breast pump on the lowest setting a couple times this weekend if you have one?

I would not do castor oil

Good luck and maybe you are just one of those people that goes from 1cm to 10 really fast and you never gave your body enough time with your son?

Are you on Hepron now? I get to swap over to it this weekend.... not looking forward to 2 shots a day now.
I have tried my breast pump...I just have a manual one though ;/ it doesn't bring on contractions at all...just makes my nipples really sore haha! I might try it again tomorrow though

My cervix softness wise is very favorable. It has been VERY SOFT since 37 weeks according to my doctor and thinned out pretty good too. I think its just the dilating we are worried about.

I was in labor 26ish hours or so with our son and got to a 6-7 cm but wouldn't dilate any more past that. I think if I could have just asked to maybe walk after they did the foley bulb, I could have maybe dilated better than I did...but of course they started pit then soon after I was asking for the epidural bc I couldn't handle the pitocin contractions

I am on heparin now. The heparin didn't burn for me like the lovenox does HOWEVER my stomach is much more sore in the areas where I am doing my injections. I think after she is here I will be going back on lovenox for 6ish weeks?

Originally Posted by SkyBaby View Post
Your experience with your first was my experience with my daughter. Labored for 43 hours, pushed for 3, (grand total of 46 hours) and csection. I was exhausted and felt a little bit "broken" as well. I even had nursing issues with her. She refused to latch and vastly preferred the bottle. When she was 20 days old, she latched and slowly became exclusively nursed until just recently when we introduced solids.

My mom had a csection with me and my two siblings. She's built tiny and has a tiny pelvis and I was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Lily was 9 pounds 2 ounces trying to come out sunny side up and with the side of her head, making her neck all crooked. I really was betting my bottom dollar my experience would be different from hers, and I would get my textbook vaginal birth. I nearly did. I dilated all the way and even went into labor on my own. My mom never got past 2 cm before being induced for 12 hours with nothing happening and she was even having hard regular contractions before she was induced. I was 3 weeks late.

I'm bigger boned than my mom, but still have her small little pelvic opening. My dr says I can only do a vbac next if I go into labor before the baby gets past 8-9 pounds. I'm kinda dreading having another one. I'm very afraid of surgery, to the point of calling it a phobia. That really freaks me out. If it's the only way I can have kids, then that's just how it's gonna be, but I was so freaked out I didn't really even remember if I was happy when I saw her. My husband assures me I was, but I don't know if he's just saying that for my own sanity or what.. honestly I'm a little afraid of the answer.

I really hope you can have a better experience with this baby!! You deserve your vbac. It is nice to know we're not alone and there are lots of other moms who feel the same way.
I am sorry you have had a similar situation with csections but it is nice to know I am not alone in my experience/feelings.

I can't imagine laboring for almost 2 days and pushing for 3 hrs only to end up in csection. My doctor said they had a patient that dilated all the way to a 10 and then no matter how hard or how long she pushed for her uterus just wasn't allowing it to happen and ended up with a csection anyway. I would feel SO sad and defeated if that happened to me...

With our son, it took me two months to feel bonded to him. I think just with everything we went through had a lot to do with it. That and we were both very stressed out because we were having to move from our apartment within a few days after coming home from the hospital. It was an all around awful experience. My poor husband threw his back out from helping me up and down out of the bed...then the second night in the hospital when I went to shower, I passed out and he tried to catch me (and im not a small girl). That was pretty scary because I thought for sure I had busted open my incision with how hard I fell.

When we got home with our son we literally spent maybe 15 minutes in the house. He ended up in the floor because his back went out on him. We had just come home with food from Sonic...we were both starving and at this point our son is screaming because HE's hungry too. I had to throw my husband his hamburger cause I was on the couch with our son and couldn't stand up without help lol...he ate his burger while laying on the floor while we waited for his friend to come over and help him up. His friend ended up having to drive us to my husbands grandparents house so they could help take care of both of us! part of it was pretty funny because at that point we were both feeling like "what else is going to go wrong now??" but yeah...just an all around awful experience.

I have faith that if we have a csection it shouldn't be AS BAD this time, but it still brings back all those emotions I went through before. I hope it's a better experience if it does have to go that way. I really hope I feel bonded faster this time. I want that "instant" bonding experience. I felt so awful for not feeling that way with our son...even though I know it can be just doesn't seem "right".

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