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April 21st, 2012, 06:05 AM
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You DO NOT sound like you are a debbie downer or complaining. Any person in their right mind would be frustrated with the situation and needing some words of encouragement at this stage. I am seriously in awe of women who make it to and beyond 40-weeks. With the current situation of "eviction dates," I am so glad to see women who refuse their doctors advice to just "take the baby out." So, please don't feel like we would judge you on this particular thing.

It has to be so frustrating to "will" your body to do something and have it still not cooperate. Especially since you are doing everything in your power to make something happen.

FWIW: I have two comments on other comments above. The first is that it is entirely possible to have NOTHING going on down there and then, BAM, labor starts. With Liam I went to the hospital for what they called prodromal labor (unproductive labor) on Sunday night-early Monday morning. I was "not even a fingertip" dilated, not soft, not effaced, baby was high. I returned to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon at 8cm dilated, bulging waters. So it is entirely possible for your body to be one that just waits until the last minute to get moving. I think mine is because I know I was not doing anything with Kieran until my water just broke. A sono two days before had him breech and my cervix still high. So you just never know

Also, even though it might seem like your bonding issues with your son were related to the c-section...that can be a first-child thing as well. I had a beautiful natural birth (sorry, I don't want that to make you upset) with Liam and I STILL did not feel bonded with him for months. So with your second, even if she comes by the c-section you want to avoid, you might feel entirely different. I know with Kieran I was instant. I found a lot of things were different with my second child than my first. Which was good, because I had a hard time adjusting to Liam and was afraid that I would struggle again with my second.

I do understand your fears of a c-section though. I had them for two days (such a short time in comparison to yours) when Kieran was breech and I felt so helpless to make him turn to avoid a section. So I am so sorry you are having to feel this helpless and frustrated.

I will be sending labor vibes your way this weekend. And as well
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