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April 22nd, 2012, 01:00 AM
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Hey so, I just wanted to know if there could be a chance of me being pregnant and of course I figure I'd have to supply ample information to ensure that you can properly give your opinions.

The last time I've had Unprotected sex was February 3rd 2011 & 3 other times before tha( december / january ) t. However, I am not trying to conceive, while that may be the opposite. ( however, I'd still take care of my responsibilities if it were the outcome). My partner pulled out before ejaculating Each time. Although he use to cut it pretty close. Later that month I noticed I started getting REALLY tired, ( not so much anymore ) irritable ( but that may be me all the time. Lol ) , peeing a lot. And when I don't eat it feels like I'm about to faint, and like my stomachs eating myself. So I'd have to fan myself until I can get ANYTHING in my system. I get headaches a lot. And when I go up the stairs too fast I used to get lightheaded, not so much anymore.

I also thought to myself that's way too freaking early to be feeling those symptoms & Brushed it off as nothing. But HERE'S the thing. My period was due Wednesday ( April 18th ) and it didn't come. But TODAY ( April 21st ) I noticed small amount of blood and it was light pinkish. Really weird. It kept coming for about 3 hours, extremely light flow and light pink in color. Now it's completely gone. I have slight cramps as I would if I were on my period.

One more REALLY WEIRD / SCARY thing. Friday night I felt this weird vibrating in my lower abdomen it lasted about 3 seconds. Does that have to do with anything? Help me out PLEASE ladies and tell me what you think.

Light bleeding just started again. Is it my Late period ? If so then what would explain the vibrating last night ?

... It was extremely light again.
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