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April 22nd, 2012, 06:41 PM
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How old are you? 30
Where do you live? nebraska, USA

How much does a gallon of gas cost? about 3.80
How much does a bottle of milk cost and what size do you buy? about 2.50 and i buy either at Hy-Vee or the local little grocer...i buy only the local dairy brand milk
How much on average is your electricity bill? umm 200 lol

What are you planning for dinner today? i ordered pizza from papa johns..its been that kind of day
Where did you grocery shop this week? hy-vee

What is your child/ren wearing right now? ohh geez...helena is wearing a too small elmo tshirt and ripped black leggings...this is what i get for letting her dress herself...elyse is wearing jeans and a tshirt and rai is wearing shorts and a tshirt
Where is your partner? upstairs in our room playing xbox
What can you hear? elyse is watching a Beethoven movie

Kristy, wife to Karl 6.16.01, Mom to Raianna 12.7.00, Elyse 12.3.02 and Helena 7.20.07, step-mom to Frankie 7.3.97 and step-grandma to October 3.9.15

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