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April 23rd, 2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by stargatemommy View Post
Is there a reason you are not wanting to wait until labour happens on it's own? I was dilated 3 centimetres for 4 weeks before my son was born. My SIL was not dilated at all until 3 hours before she delivered (vaginally)... Dilation is really no indication of how soon you'll deliver.

BTW, I am not trying to judge you, I just don't know your situation....
I wouldn't mind too much to wait honestly. I went to 42 weeks with our son and barely made any changes at all. They were not willing to let me go past 42 weeks with him but he had growth issues.

This time I am on blood thinners (2x a day) and they don't really want me going much over 41 weeks being on those. I will be 41 weeks tomorrow.

Also we are tentatively moving in that only gives me 4 weeks or so to recover. I don't really want to go 42+ weeks and still not have her for whatever reason and then not feeling too great to move.

We moved a few days after my csection with our son and it was awful and so stressful. I am just on a clock at this point :/

I think my body just might be one of those that gestates babies beyond 42 weeks! That or my cervix really just doesn't want to do its job. I got to 7 cm with him after 26 hrs of labor and it just wouldn't budge beyond that.

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