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April 23rd, 2012, 01:41 PM
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Hey ladies,
I am hoping that you guys could help me out!

Yesterday I noticed a small amount of fresh (pink) blood in my CM, which was creamy. I also had a temp spike. I figured that I had Oed (even though it had been days since my most fertile-quality EWCM) and that was what caused the spotting.

This morning, my temp fell back down and I had spotting again, but my CM was more slippery and stretchy.

I haven't BDed in a good while due to s/e from the Met, so there is pretty much NO chance that I am already PG. Plus, I had no reason to think that I had actually Oed earlier in the cycle, because I didn't have a temp shift. So I am confident that the spotting is not implantation bleeding.

It could be from Oing 2 days ago (even though it doesn't match up perfectly with the CM, but hey, lots of people O with imperfect charts).

BUT then there is the fact that my temp dropped and my CM seems more fertile today than yesterday!!

What do you ladies think? Did I O? Should I still be waiting to O? What could be the cause of the spotting? What are the chances that I am about to O and should be BDing like mad???

(I know that some of you probably have spotting all the time and think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but mid-cycle spotting is very rare for me!!!)

If you have a chance, please have a look at my chart and let me know what you think. Since I'm pretty sure it doesn't show up for you, the last time I BDed was on CD44.

My Ovulation Chart
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