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April 24th, 2012, 10:26 AM
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Hi ladies,

For 3 hours now I've been having a constant pain in my lower right side (I guess about where that ovary would be...). I called my OB an hour into it and had to leave a message. She called me back an hour later and is having me come in at 3:15 today to get checked out (it's 12:25 now). She mentioned it might be round ligament pain, but I've had that before and it wasn't consistent like this is. And even in the last 10 minutes the pain seems to have intensified

Fortunately there hasn't been any bleeding or any other issues I'm aware of, so I'll be leaving work in an hour to make it to my appointment on time. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything is ok with Jordan and the pain is nothing (though it doesn't feel like any pain I've had so far...)

And any reassurance from BTDT moms who went through something similar would be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks! I will update as soon as my appointment is over.

Well I'm back. OB pulled out the Doppler and we heard Jordan moving all OVER th place. His heartbeat was also good so yay!
They took my temp and did a pelvic exam, all good. When she pressed on my right side the pain came through again, but doc said that they were able to rule out the bad stuff and to just take it easy today and let them know if it gets worse or if I get a fever. So so far so good, just chilling on the couch with DH (who unexpectedly left work early to go to my appt with me ) and waiting for our pizzas on the way!

I'm glad they didn't say anything is exactly wrong, but I will definitely feel better after our anatomy scan on Friday!

Thank you sooo much for the kind words and for thinking of me :hugs:

10/01/15 @ 8.5 weeks
11/17/15 @ 4 weeks (chemical)
1/25/16 @ 4.5 weeks
3/07/16 @ 5.5 weeks

Struggling with how much more my heart can take.

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