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April 24th, 2012, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
Lurker jumping in here...

I'm only 163cm tall and am normally 53kg's before pregnancy (so pretty 'small')... plus I'm USELESS with any type of pain. But you know what... I had a very normal, very short, very easy natural childbirth with my first son. Your 'size' or tolerance to pain has NOTHING to do with how you handle labour and childbirth.

There is something about women giving birth, that makes others want to share their horror stories and/or try to scare the sh*t out of women who are expecting. I made a decision at the beginning of my son's pregnancy, that I would NOT listen to these stories or let anyone tell me I couldn't do it. If someone started to talk about it, I'd just smile and nod, then excuse myself from the conversation as quickly as possible. I also didn't share any of my labour plans with anyone.

I'm now 22 weeks along with my second son, and am very much looking forward to giving birth naturally again
Thank you SO much for sharing this. I decided LONG ago that I was going to have a NCB no matter what anyone says. The ladies at my work all try and tell me their horror stories to get me to change my mind, but, like you, I just nod and smile and then leave the conversation! Ha ha. I'm not planning on sharing much of my labor plans with anyone either. I'm planning on laboring at home for as long as I can, since we live 2 minutes down from the hospital, and once it's time to go in and deliver, then I will announce the birth. It's so nice that I have other ladies out there that I can vent to!

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