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April 24th, 2012, 01:31 PM
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Give us (whoever is still here!) a quick summary of your life right now. Include pics!!

I'm still at home with both girls. Aly is two (obviously) and fatty Natty is almost one!!! I'm having a bit of a hard time right now dealing with both girls and tantrums and trying to feel like I'm giving both attention. Lots of tears. Aly is sweet but is a handful and "highspirited". I am reading books on how to deal with her---but I feel alone a lot of the time in regards to her behavior. It's very frrusterating and I feel like such a freakin' failure. This is just really, really hard to say the least.

I'm WTTC but want to do it now. I have crazy baby fever--I just loved being pregnant!! But, we won't TTC for a bit. I just want to get my baby making/toddler tantrum years out of the way---like a bandaide. I just want to take ten years and have it be utter chaos but then see that light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, I feel so hot preggo (except for the cankles and nightsweats, LOL!!). I just love being pregnant and giving birth. LOVE IT! I'm nuts.

Here is a current picture of the diva:

and here is one of Natalie (and myself)
~*~*~ Kristin--mama to two fabulous and fierce beauties--Aly and Natalie*~*~

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