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April 24th, 2012, 03:18 PM
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I don't think you're nuts! Well, actually since pregnancy is kicking my can right now, I do. But not really!

As for us, Lauren is really one of the sweetest kids around. I've really lucked out with her. She's learning and starting to get bigger in a lot of different ways. I love it. She's a singer and her rendition of Baby Bumble Bee is so darn cute!

Marcus is doing well, he's amazing me with all he's learning at school. He knows all his numbers and most of his letters. He is great a figuring out patterns. I just am in awe of his little brain picking up so much information all the time.

I'm feeling horrible, but I'm hoping to get a bunch of that horribleness figured out at my OB appointment today, or at least an idea of what to do about it. We'll see. I'm almost 12 weeks, which is good and I can't wait to enter the 2nd tri. Hopefully the nausea will go away forever!!!
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