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April 24th, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Has anyone else been surprised by the fact that your child is gifted?

I was pretty surprised when I found out that Beth had tested into the program. I don't know why. Dh and I were both in AG (which is what they called it when we were kids...academically gifted.) She's my kiddo though, and I see how I have to ask her ten times to do things, and stuff like that. Doesn't exactly bring the word "gifted" to mind. Low and behold, she tests very well though.

Now little Matt is coming along. I talked to his teacher today, and he is also doing well. VERY well. Who knew? That kid can't sit still to save his life, and has never been interested in anything school life. Here he is at six years old though....great at math and great at reading.

You hear all the time about people who think their average kids are I the only meanie who thinks my gifted kids are average?

To be fair...they aren't "highly gifted." I mean there is "gifted" and then there is GIFTED. You guys know what I mean. I guess I've known a few really smart people in my life, and no one in my family (myself included) seems to fit in that category. We are just a family of readers.
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