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April 24th, 2012, 09:37 PM
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So, I had gone in for my 39.5wk apt. Which might I add..took 3 hours to actually seen the dr..and my hormones were already in a rage by the time she got in the room (I even sat in there and cried LOL) She was not my normal dr.. Just one of the other ones in the practice that if she was on call would deliver. Anywho. I had a u/s to check to see how Brooklynn was growing, since I still was measuring 3-4 weeks behind. 2 weeks beforehand She was measuring 6lbs 8oz, and this day she was measuring 6lbs 12 oz. They weren't concerned about the weight since I have little babies, and I just hide babies well apparently. They were concerned that my fluid level was down to a 7, and given I was 2 days away from my due date..she said she was going to go ahead and induce me either that night or the next day depending on the hospital. That they will call me. So I left and within 10 mins I got a call to be at the hospital the next day at 130, and the induction will start at 2.

We spent that night and the next morning getting stuff all situated and settled. The morning did anything BUT drag on. I wanted to get a nap in since I woke up at 5:30, after only about 4 hours of sleep. But it never happened.

So we get there at 130, and I register and get wheeled up to L&D. They run through the huge list of questions ect. They start my IV and my pitocin finally gets going at about 4:15. Well, at about 4:25. I start having contractions. They were having issues with the IV and it backing it up, and when they finally finished it I had a contraction that would not go away. By the time they notice this.. The contraction is already been going on for 3 minutes. Brooklynns heart rate dropped to about 70, and then all heck breaks loose. They put a oxygen mask on me. switch me to my left side, then my right..then on my hands and knees.. Mean while there are about 15 drs and nurses that I have never seen before including the anasteologist (sp?) in my room..while my butt is high in the air while I am on my hands and knees (talk about if I wasn't in serious crap and worried about embarassing that would be ..Just showed all of L&D me on all 4s..sigh)

Anyways, they ended up giving me a shot of Terbutaline to stop my now 5 1/2 minute long contraction. Everything calmed down (they had turned the pit off by this point) and Brooklynns heart rate came back up. They let me rest and stabalize for a good 30 minutes before they turned the pit back on slowly. What had happened is the pitocin backed up with the IV and when they finally got it working again I got a huge dose all at once..and well my uterus and Brooklynn did not like this ( I joked that Brooklynn wanted to put on a show even before she was even shake off on HOW serious that whole situation was)

Everything was uneventful until I started really feeling contractions pretty good around 7pm. I was a 2 and about 50% dialated at this point (was a 1, and 70% to start with) I laid in bed watching tv, and surfing the net for the next two hours. By 9pm.. I was ready for something to take the edge off. I was once again having back labor like I did with my oldest. Pitocin is bad enough by itself, as is back labor..but the two of them together is a good ol time So they gave me some new morphine? I felt drunk after that but also felt relief. I was also only 3cm at that point. They didn't really want to give me a epidural anytime soon so I just laid there dealing with the back labor that sucked at that point. Also kept telling them with my other 3 kids, that once they broke my water and gave me a epidural at 3cm. I had my kids within a hour or two. (don't think they believed that one lol) So I just delt with it. Around 330/4am. I am starting to loose focus and I am hurting. The pitocin is up to 16 at this point..I was also a hot mess and had a bloody show everywhere..and felt completely gross LOL. She checked me and I wasa 4 and a 100% effaced and my water was buldging. I had to wait till they were done with the emergency csection to get my epidural..and I was moaning at this point LOL. My back HURT.

They finally got my epidural in about 445, and broke my water. (ahh sweet relief) I slept for a good maybe hour after this. Around 6, I woke up with this new pain where my ovaries would be when not pregnant. So I called her in. (I am sure she was quite tired of me calling her in by this point of the night lol) I am like I hurt. So she checked me. I had fully dialated besides a lip and was ready to go (told them I dialate fast once they do that..ppl should believe me from now on lol) She got a hold of the dr..and had me on my hands and knees (once again lol) trying to turn the baby since she was face up (the reason for the pain in the front) and I had to majorly breath through those urges. I seriously thought she was just gonna slide out at that point. I felt her moving down.

She then had me turn around had me do a practice push.. She told me to stop. I moved from a -1 station to a +3 in just that tiny push (who says you can't push with epidurals lol) Dr got there. I pushed once. Her head was out, pushed another and the rest of her came flying out lol.

I had a tiny tear that she said only would need about 2 or 3 stitches (which i swear she was down there for about 10 mins doing so)

Brooklynn Elisabeth was born at 6:33am on her due date of April 20th (yes, the ONLY day in april I didn't want to have her lol) weighing 6lbs 8oz and 18 inches long with a apgar of 8 and 9. She also decided to scream for the entire hour of bonding time afterwards, until about 2 minutes before it was time to take her for bath time.

I was ready to go after another hour, and was up getting a shower moving around ect by 10am when my kids got there. Its probably also why I feel great at this point, alot better then I did with my other ones when they were born

But there you have it..The story of my little (sometimes drama queen..joking lol) princess came into the world.

mama to
Christian (14) Emilee (12)
Dakota (9) Brooklynn (3)

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