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April 25th, 2012, 02:32 PM
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I'm so glad you're getting your trip! And poohey on the school, they can shove it. LOL.

Acutally jenn the process itself wasn't crazy expensive. I think we're about $4500 in. Had we done it from Canada, We'd be almost $14,000 in. Got about $1300 left ($600 to renew my card and $600 to take the citizenship test in 3 years). Oh, and passport renewals, but that'll be the last! Since we originally expected about $20,000, we won't say much over $6000.

The process can be lengthy, that's for sure. I'm lucky, I'm Canadian so there really isn't much worry that I wouldn't get my card, or that it would take too long. It's usually 5m start to finish for a Canadian case. 5m would be end of may

Sorry about your car meg! i wondered what you did to it. lol
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