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April 25th, 2012, 05:13 PM
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19 weeks 2 days

Wow it has been a while!!!! but to start I posted my belly pics on the first post as usual.

Things have been going great! I have my big u/s scan this friday!!!!! I am so excited I can't even wait ha ha! Were going to hopefully find out the babys gender! But things for the most part have been the same. I'm starting to get more tired again and I get worn out a lot faster but other than that just some massive pregnancy brain and the heartburn is starting to kick in a lot more to. I think I'm going to ask my OB about getting a rx for that heartburn medicine (I can't remember what it's called lol). And almost forgot, the constant need to pee!!!! I had to go all the time before I was pregnant and now its just crazy!!!!!

Oh and another good thing! I believe I felt the baby move for the first time on April 14. DH was out of town for the army again so when I got off work I went to my parents house for dinner and I was leaning over and I felt this like flutter thing again my bladder (I had to pee of course), it was the crazyest feeling ever but so exciting! I just wish DH wasent out of town and was there for it. he says I'm being selfish with the baby lol.

I went to a confrence last weekend as that was fun I guess. I'm getting more hours at work again finaly so I'm like always worn out and tired and we still need to clean out the babys room! I feel so bad about it to! We just don't have anywhere to put anything really and if I'm not working then DH is gone so it's been really hard to ge time together to clean the room out. My parents are buying us the crib and there just waiting on us to make the room for it lol. It's just so hard!!!! The only time DH has is weekends because of school and work during the week and I've been working a lot on weekends and the with DH having to go do his army stuff, it's just a never ending cycle!!!! But I have a couple of days off so I'm going to see what I can tackle over the next few days. But i think thats about it for now!

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