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April 26th, 2012, 11:30 AM
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So I am a mother of a 3 year old baby girl - but since I had my c-section 3 years ago, my period has been really irregular.

Well I was suppose to get my period around the 19th of this month - and 2 days after that I ended up getting what I think was food poisoning. I had a fever the first night and well into the next afternoon - spent all night making trips to the bathroom, extremely restless. The next day my fever broke but that night that I went to bed I still couldn't sleep and finally once I did fall asleep, the next day I woke up in a sweat - I've never had that happen to me.. so that morning I still had no energy, no appetite, all I wanted to do was sleep and than I actually threw up. It happened only once, and then I ended up almost doing it again but the 2nd time was just dry heaves. That night I came down with a fever again and than it broke the next morning and now I am feeling better - however I am experiencing lower back pain, and it's been happening since Monday. I still have not gotten my period and I don't believe it's because I am pregnant, but than again every pregnancy is different. I thought my period might be late cause of being sick - I never went to the doctor to find out if it was food poisoning.. this would be a second pregnancy for us , I plan to take a pregnancy test tomorrow, but has anybody else experienced this before finding out they were pregnant? This just does not seem normal for pregnancy. Any advice would help - thanks.
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