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April 26th, 2012, 01:05 PM
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ha ha thanks Adrienne! it's nice to know i'm not the only one who thinks this time is racing by!

19 weeks 3 days

I have my big u/s tomorrow and I'm so excited but now i'm getting soooooo nervous!!!! I'm not really sure why either! I think it has a lot to do with finding out the gender. I want to know but I for the most part want a girl more. I'm at like 49/51% with boy over girl. so borderline but still leaning towards a girl and I guess I just don't want to have gender dissapointment! I will be just as happy with a little boy to don't get me wrong but I dont know I guess I'm just loosing my mind!

We scheduled the u/s a little eairler then my appt (my OB appt is next wed) because DH is going out of town next week and he really wants to be there for the u/s since he missed my 12 week scan. and we just found out I think yesterday that he might have to leave on a mission and today is the day he would leave and he's only getting maybe a 4 hour notice and it would just really suck if he gets called out and has to miss this u/s. I'm tempted to reschedule it if he does but I know we both really want to see how baby is doing and the eairlest I would be able to reschedule would be like 2 weeks from now or something like that and I just dont want to do that! But oh well I guess I'm sure everything will be just fine!

DH and I were thinking of doing our baby registry tomorrow as well after the u/s. So hopefully things go good and we can still do all of this stuff! Oh and I almost forgot!!!!! I as waken this moring by someone pounding on my door about 8am. So I got up to see who it was and they were gone so I just decided to go lay back down again. As my head hits the pillow I remembered about our complex is doing street cleaning and we have to have our cars moved from 7am-5pm ish or they will be towed. I complety forgot about it but I remembered it was thursday for our area so I jumped up at looked at my cell and relized it was thursday!!!!! I ran into the living room and looked out the window and there was a toe-truck hooking my car up to it!!!! I freaked out and ran outside and said what are you doing! the driver guy was really nice and he just said street cleaning today but if I go get my keys then I can move my car. thankfully he was a nice guy! so i got my keys and moved my car and I was waling back to my apartment and our neighbors were outside and it was them that knocked on my door to let me know they were going to toe my car! they had to move theres to ha ha. but thankful we have some nice neighbors!

Other then all that things are good with baby and me. I still havent felt movement really. I know for sure that first time and I think maybe a few other times since then but nothing really like the first one. I'm trying not to worrie to much about it since it's normal to not feel much at this point and I have my u/s tomorrow so things are good.

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