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April 27th, 2012, 09:50 AM
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From what I've read so far from mommies who have had multiple births (including multiple big baby births), weight isn't always the biggest factor in how difficult or easy the birth is. Like other ladies have said, I've had friends who had more trouble with their 6lb 3oz babies than with their 8lb babies. My ultrasound tech had actually put my mind at ease a lot as well - she is a small person who has large babies too. Your body has already been through this once before. And sometimes a 10lb baby can be in there in just the perfect position to come out easily, while a 7lb baby can be at just enough of a funny angle to cause some difficulty. Also remember that even if your baby is a whole pound heavier, that doesn't mean that the entire pound goes right into the head & shoulders (the hardest parts to birth). That pound will also be distributed in arms/legs/body. So it could be a bigger baby, but the weight distribution could be completely different. Look into as many positions as you can, and find support who will help you have the birth you want, even if you start to doubt yourself a little. And keep everyone else's horror stories out of your head! You'll do great mama, you can have the birth you want!

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