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April 28th, 2012, 12:37 PM
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I know I don't post much on this board but anyway I have a question!! I think Liana is sleepwalking every night. She will sit up on her bed and start rocking and doing weird rhythmic motions with her hands. She is not awake because if I look in her eyes she is compleatly blank.

Do you guys know if I should be worried about this? Are there things during the day I can do to prevent it? She does it the same time every night!!! Sometimes she does get out of bed and crashes around her room. She is gated in every night because of this!!!

It just sucks because I either have to stay up until midnight and watch her and then put her back or I wait until she crashes into something and crys!!! Some nights she opens the door, crashes into the gate and then goes back to bed.

Ug this turned more into a rant than a question.

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