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April 30th, 2012, 06:30 AM
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My weekend was crazy & now all I want to do is sleep & not be at work. Friday was my daughter's hair appt - it came out really nice Friday evening my daughter & niece wanted me to take them to the store to get DD's b-day outfit - I left my apartment Friday morning to go to work at 7am and was not back home until 8:30pm. I was so tired & I thought I'd get to go shopping for the party, but I needed sleep. So, Saturday, I wake up and am out of the house by 7:30am to get some of the stuff I needed for the party & only needed to get the meats, but nope, I had to go take DD and my niece to get their nails done - what a long process that was! By the time I knew it, it was already 11:30 & I still hadn't gotten the meats for the party at 2pm. So I left the girls at the nail place & ran to the nearest grocery store. I got back to get them at 12:30 & still had to pick DD's friend up from another town (25 minutes away) because she just COULDN'T have her birthday without her BESTEST friend being there... So, I finally got home at almost 1:30 to make everything - Please remind me to just order pizza next time! Then everyone starts arriving at 2:30, which worked out because I needed the extra time. There were WAY too many teenagers in one place!!! Then they didn't leave until 7:30 - except of course for the girls who were spending the night. They stayed up LATE & I was so tired I just zonked out. Thank goodness when they get older you don't have to watch them every second. Then Sunday, I had to bring DD's friend back home by a certain time so she could babysit & the other girls didn't leave until 4pm. Needless to say I need a day to recoup!

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