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April 30th, 2012, 12:37 PM
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I told myself I'd test on May 1st so I'm trying to pass the last 24 hours before the first test since I've been wondering so long...

My husband and I have been trying for the past 4 months or so. I got my LMP on 03/30/2012 and it lasted for 3 days which is usual for me. I've been using the MyDays App and MyDaysX App on my phone and MyDaysX says I should have O'd on 4/13 (Love friday the 13th btw) and MyDays says I should have O'd 4/20..

The thing is on 4/21 in the morning when I wiped it the TP came out RED. I wiped again and it was RED. Discouraged, and confused that my AF was coming at least a week earlier than expected (4/27 or 5/6 depending on app) I put a pad on immediately. However, when I checked it that night all it had was a couple quarter size pink spots on it..nothing ever after that. I did however, vomit and have a pretty strong headache that night though. Was this possibly implantation?

Since then, I've had mild aches in the abdomen area, lots of gas..smelly gas LOL, "swishing" feeling in the stomach, nausea on/and off (but never vomited except that time on 4/21 above), mild headaches here and there.. I think thats about it, I swear the more I google things I think I feel like I'm going to start giving myself symptoms.

Just wanted to hear your thoughts...I'll update tomorrow either way. Help me pass the time away by sharing your thoughts/stories!
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