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May 1st, 2012, 08:50 AM
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Okay, I've lost 3 updates due to a craptastic computer... so here we go again...

Things here are busy but great! Kolbie is a little smarty pants and I have total hair envy! She has her first swim lessons this summer, I might be more excited about it than she is though. I'm often asked if she's 3 because she so tall and talkative. She's also definitely a lefty like me! Kaija is almost done with her first year of preschool. They are done in 2.5 weeks already. She'll have her 2nd summer of swim lessons this summer along with a few other activities.

I've been super busy working 2 jobs since February. In Dec. I started working at a bridal shop as a wedding consultant. Two weeks ago I was temporarily promoted to Receiving Manager while another manager is out on maternity leave. I'll be doing that until July I think... Then in Feb. I started working from home for the company my sister works for. I do the background work so the headhunters and recruiters can do their jobs more efficiently. We look for the new computer programmers and other tech jobs for Groupon, Pinterest and! It's cool!

This pic pretty much sums up the girls...
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