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May 1st, 2012, 12:17 PM
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Ok all sorry if this seems like a long ramble or something but bear with me! Lol
My hubby and I have been TTC since early this year. My periods were abnormal so I recently started taking red raspberry leaf pills. along with flaxseed oil and high
Potency multivitamin with lots of good stuff for TTC, as well as eating a full serving of full fat dairy products everyday. I also exercise 3 times a week as well. Anyways you get the point.

Well this month I've been feeling "off" heavy breasts (I'm large chested already so I mean heavy!) also they appear very veiny lots of blue veins leading to my nipples. Also everytime I eat I feel sick either I need to throw up or BM. I know there's no scientific proof to this but I've also been having 4-5 very lucid dreams every night for the past two weeks or so and I heard that's a symptom. As I mentioned before I've always been in good shape before and now I'm getting a belly pouch where everything else is toned!

OKKKAY so my issue is I started bleeding April 19th my
Normal period date, I felt sicker than I ever have on a "period" before and it was only about four days long which is short for Me. WHAT could this be? I'm still feeling pretty PG the symptoms are all still here. Not sure if this was my AF or something else??? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT LADIES!!! THANKS FOR READING MY LONG STORY!

**update: Had a big smear of CM come out when I wiped yesterday heard this is also a sign? Just need some insight ladies! Thanks!
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