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May 1st, 2012, 03:09 PM
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My question is a bit specific. So I didn't want to post under anyone else's questions when they too are seeking answers. I have been on the pill (loestrin 24 fe) for about 3 years. This past month I had a lot going on and took my pill at varying times.. then the Friday and Saturday of week 3 I missed. When I realized Sunday morning I took 2 pills and then 2 the next day and finished out pack on Tuesday without even bothering to check my pamphlet (another words I didn't do what the instructions suggest which was to finish the pack and throw away the sugar pills and start a new pack immediately with no break in active pills). Instead I started a new pack the following Sunday (2 days ago). I got a little withdrawal spotting (brown old blood) on Monday & Tuesday of last week likely because I missed those few days.

The past few days (last night and a little this am) I have had slight cramping. It comes and goes and it's not bad more annoying also it feels more like a pulling cramp sometimes more towards the left side. I was thinking its just my body starting this pack but i dont usually get cramps on my pill and now I'm thinking if when I missed those pills I did happen to ovulate then what I am feeling could be implantation cramping. We did "do it" lol around the time of the missed pills (1 day before Fridays if I remember correctly and also Sunday and Monday after I realized it). Sorry if any of this is

I'm just wondering could I be pregnant? it's probably still too early to test so I just wanted to see what others think. Honestly we would love to have a baby.. we were going to wait a couple more years but it would still be wonderful if it happened now. Also I don't get a period on my pill so if I'm waiting for that as a sign I will be waiting a long time! It might be just paranoia/wishful thinking? Does anyone think its possible?

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