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May 2nd, 2012, 11:31 AM
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Welcome! I'm Kris. I have a not so blended family . I have a dd (10) from a previous marriage the Dh adopted and we have a ds (6) together. Dh has 2 dds from his previous marriage who live 4 hours away from us with their bio mom. We have a minimal relationship with his youngest (13). We see her 3-4 times per year - dh's sees her a couple times more because he goes to see her. My kids & I have no relationship with his oldest (17) and haven't for about 5 years. Due to lies told by bm, she has opted out of being part of our family. Unfortunately, Dh has a strained relationship with her but at least it's a relationship. We're hoping that next year when she goes away to college (away from bio mom) that they will be able to have a better relationship.

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