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May 3rd, 2012, 12:37 PM
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So local midwife births (home births especially) are not common. There is only one midwife who delivers in a somewhat local hospital (an hour away) and midwives who home birth have to come in from Delaware and only CNM can deliver in homes here and it is very, very, very hard to have the insurance and rights to do so. Our area just sucks for this kind of thing.

And of the well-known (in the right circles) midwives who came into town to deliver is being called out on serious subpar practices. She has taken numerous mothers to the hospital during birth for c-sections that could have been avoided if she had taken proper steps and/or were caused by her interventions during the home birth process. These women TRUSTED this woman in their homes and she basically was lying to them and causing more problems. Women are literally coming from all sides saying she was their midwife and they ended up in the hospital after hours of home labor and had c-sections and other traumatic birth experiences. I don't even know how she was still getting clients, but I guess she only had referrals from her happy customers.

I am so saddened by this. It is just one more nail in the coffin for home births and midwives around here. No wonder the doctors won't work with midwives and the hospitals basically balk at people who come in with no obvious prenatal care while in labor (aka:home birth transfers). It is just causing more issues and is going to make midwife care more obsolete around here. We even lost two doulas this year, including the one who was my doula with Kieran to other states who are more friendly in that regard. And we barely had any doulas around here to start! Growl! I am really irritated today.

Thanks for the rant. I know you ladies will understand the ramifications of this to both the people this midwife delivered and the area as a whole.
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