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May 3rd, 2012, 03:53 PM
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We had the same issue. Thankfully Danny got referred from his GI doc because the ped wouldn't do anything at that point. After that it has been a long road to finding 15 food allergies. Have you eliminated milk and milk products from his diet completely? Casein or whey even in small amounts can irritate a milk allergy or milk protein intolerance and when someone has milk protein issues they are MUCH more likely to have soy protein issues as well because the proteins are VERY similar. We have milk and soy issues as well as many many others and will be having a g-tube placed next week to find the remaining allergies that are causing so many GI issues. He may also have problems with nuts if you have cut out milk and soy completely but haven't had any luck with the nut milks. Just a tip...protein intolerances won't show up on skin prick tests or blood allergy tests because these only test for allergies that are flared up by the "IgE" part of the immune system. Everything mediated by another part of the immune system won't show up on these two. We have had to use patch testing for 4 of Danny's most troublesome allergies. Also, most children with soy intolerances can tolerate soybean oil and soy lecithin...however this does NOT apply to soy allergies and always start with taking all soy 100% out and then add one of these back in at a time.

I hope you get answers soon. I am so sorry you have had to watch him struggle so long.

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