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May 4th, 2012, 06:02 AM
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Many girls take bc as virgins, my sister had terrible periods (she got her first at 9) and she started bc at 14 long before she ever had sex and she's just fine now another 14 years later! She stopped last year to have a baby with her husband and got pregnant quickly. (were a super fertile family). I think the problem here is not whether she is right or wrong, why would you even consider something someone's ex said? It's unlikely she would have your best interest at heart. You are young but age only matters in how you deal with things, if you want to start a family with your fiancÚ and your both ready then that's between you and him. She absolutely has no right to even discuss birth control with you, that's something for you and your doctor to decide.. And the pill is not the only form of bc you can use there are many options if your not ready for a child yet.
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