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May 4th, 2012, 10:45 PM
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Ah....ok I'm betting that it's the arrival of a new baby that triggered them. My oldest is a sleep walker. He started about 5 years ago. First it was just a couple of times and I just directed him back to bed, then the year I was pregnant with Ben the episodes started to increase. He would get out of bed and either walk into my room (one time he sat down in front of my tv and was trying to watch) and other times he would get up and actually walk downstairs. I realized they were nervous episodes. He hasn't had many episodes since Ben came along, but if he does I can almost always attribute it to something stress wise that we might have going on. He is still a loud sleeper...he'll start talking or actually groan out in his sleep. Loudly. I would just ask the doc, doesn't sound like night terrors. My oldest had those too when he was 9 months old for about a month off and on. It was AWFUL. He would just have a blank look and be screaming bloody murder.

Hope she settles down soon!
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