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May 5th, 2012, 01:11 PM
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I can't really share about what to do about unsupervised kids as our neighborhood has plenty of unsupervised neighborhood kids roaming around and even by being in an apartment complex how no kids under 5 should be without a parent outside and kids around 2 and 3 are out there alone sigh and kids still riding and biking in parking lots, kids beating up on other kids and a lot of the parents have the same attitude as what are you going to do about it as sadly as I learned there isn't much to do because if parents can't properly deal the kids won't change the behavior.

The bike thing will probably be construed as an accident even tho it was on purpose believe me it has happened to kids in our neighborhood and the only way they ever get into trouble is knives at kids .

i'm sorry to hear your daughter got hurt

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