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May 5th, 2012, 03:37 PM
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DH is making me out to be the evil step mother and it's pissing me off. He has this logic that since T, who is going to be 16 in a little over 30 days btw, is doing something or allowed to do something, that Doni is too. Ummm in what universe? Doni is only 13 years old. When T was 13 she had very strict rules about lots of different things, ranging from computer/cell phone usage to going out with friends. We just started giving T a lot more freedom. I've only been OK with this because one T is in high school, two she's a freaking honor student who bust her butt, and three is GOING TO BE 16!!!! He's only been OK with it because I keep reminding him that T is all of those things. He keeps trying to treat them as if they're identical, but they're not. Doni is only in JHS, she has been caught "lying" about a lot of different things, not taking school that seriously, and is ONLY 13 years old!!! There is a 3 year difference between the two girls. It doesn't seem to click in his head. He swears that we allowed T to do some of these things, when we never did before. It's freaking really pissing me off. SO of course I have to put my foot down and end up becoming the mean evil step mother who doesn't let her do things. I don't get why it's so different for one over the other?! Stop trying to be good, funny, easy going part time parent of the past, and be the hard arse full time parent that I know he can be! Ugghhh did I mention this is all pissing me off.

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