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May 5th, 2012, 05:09 PM
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What a butthead! I can't believe he was so rude about it. And just got custody and give him a week to get him straightened out? Well, maybe he should straighten them out by grounding him (and yes, you can ground a 7yr old), make him apologize and watch the kid when he is out and about.

If it were me and some other kid hit mine, I would not be hesitant to tell the child that he needs to apologize that he did something very mean and disrespectful. If the parents were to say something about it later, I'd probably tell them that if they were outside parenting their own child, you wouldn't have had to do it for them.

At this point, I would leave it be and if something happens again, deal with it then. I hope that it's not an ongoing thing. Awful neighbors are no fun. I'm sorry your daughter got hurt.
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