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May 6th, 2012, 09:42 AM
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Sorry to hear this, I know its def frustrating. And honestly, its not fair to make you be the "bad guy". Parenting together, and being on the same page is super, super important. Because if the two of you can't both say together that its a decision you both made the child is going to have a lack of respect for either/both parents.

Were in the same situation at our house with the 3 year age difference. But here its understood between me and DH, that even though DSS is older he lacks maturity and my DD is actually more responsible than he is. And I think its difficult sometimes for parents in this situation because they're worried about what other people are gonna say, especially BM. It's like an argument waiting to happen. Esp with BMs because if its their kid that isnt getting to do what they want then they feel like ex DH and new wife/gf are playing favorites. But thats def not the case but I know my DSS' BM feels this way at times. I know shes got some sort of jealousy towards my DD. Why, Im not sure!
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