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May 6th, 2012, 11:18 AM
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All three of my previous births have been posterior-- first two turned (with doctor's help), but the last one didn't (hence the c-section).

I've read a lot on spinning babies and various other sites about exercises to turn babies and postures, etc. I'm trying. My doctor seems to think I just create posterior babies though, possibly a pelvis thing.

Has anyone birthed a baby posterior during a VBAC? My concerns w/my last birth were that my baby wouldn't turn, so the doctor (not my current doc) said she needed to do a c-section. The baby was having h/r issues (extreme accelerations into the 200's) b/c he was trying to descend chin-first.

Anyway, I hoping for an anterior facing LO this time, but if not, have already decided to ask to try vaginally even if baby is posterior. Good idea or bad?

Any advice or BTDT stories?

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