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May 6th, 2012, 10:19 PM
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Do you ever try free samples of things at the store? no...our stores do not really do those unless its at costco but i still pass on them.
Do you ever sign up to receive samples in the mail?not really unless its coupons for baby products.
What was the last thing you got a sample of? a shampoo sample came in the mail but not sure why. i dont use that kind though so i tossed it out, lol. ive never even heard of the brand before so thinking maby its some new brand trying to get people to test out and buy it??

Originally Posted by 3OhioBoys View Post
I only try them at the store if it is something I will like. I won't go trying it all just cause its free.

I used to go online to get sample all the time but stopped cause I don't use the stuff. DH does it some though and got a Tide Pod thing the other day.
I LOVE tide pods!
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