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May 7th, 2012, 02:20 PM
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I cloth diaper now and also prefer it as does my in home daycare. My daycare is limited to 2 bags of trash a week and diapers would take up one of them.

I wash diapers every other day. I do one wash in cold with no soap, one wash in hot with rock n green soap, and then another wash in cold with no soap. Most of the time I throw my diapers in the dryer since I work outside the home and don't have time to line dry them except on the weekend.

I have a Bum Genius diaper sprayer hooked to the toilet for straying off solids. You do not have to do this with breastfed babies until they begin eating solids. BM poop washing 100% and is water soluable.

I use wash rags as wipes.

Let me just state for the record that *fluff* can get addictive. I have close to 80 diapers for 1 child in cloth and that doesn't even count my size smalls or my fitted diapers with covers. Here are the brands I currently use. I also listed the pros/cons for each for those that are curious.

Fuzzibunz- I have the sized pocket ones. Pro: They are easy to stuff with a big opening. They aren't bulky since they are sized. Cons: You have to buy more as your child grows.

Bum Genius 3.0 pockets: These are some of my favorites right now. The Aplix(velco) makes changes fast with a toddler. Never had a leak. Grow with baby. Cons: DD can get them off if she isn't wearing pants since aplix closure.

Bum Genius Elementals: Very trim, no stuffing, organic, no stuffing of an insert. Cons: expensive, stain easy, Poo can get inbeween the sewn in layers making them harder to spray clean, and take a little longer to dry.

Sunbaby: These have honestly been my favorite diaper as my daugher has gotten older. You can get size 1 or size 2. Cheap diaper. Size 1 fits my daughter awesome. They are more narrow in the legs. Cute patterns and new patterns are released often. Cons: They don't hold as much urine since the inserts are smaller due to the diaper being smaller.

Kawaii: Great for chunky baby with big legs, these worked the best for us when my daughter was around 6 months old. They also make a goodnight diaper that works awesome. Cons: the elastic seemed to loosen fairly quickly in some of mine, they are bulky and wide between the legs.

Baby Kangas pockets: They stuff from the outside which makes getting the insert out with a poopy diaper much easier. They are a snug diaper. cons, the elastic is pretty narrow so if you have a chunky baby they tend to leave red marks. These did not work well when my daughter was small, but now that she is a toddler with skinny legs they work awesome. I did have 1 zipper break on one of them making the diaper trash.

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