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May 9th, 2012, 03:47 AM
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Name: Emily
PG, TTC, WTTC or just hanging out?: pg
Risks: threatened miscarriage, premature birth, ugh a lot unfortunately. Sch and type one diabetes
Treatment plan: bedrest! Pelvic rest, take it easy, no lifting etc. Keep my blood sugars in check.
Kids and ages: grady, 3 and a half
Are things starting to bloom where you live? It can't make up its mind yet
What are you most looking forward to this spring? I'm not sure yet.

And for the pregnant ladies:
Due Date? Dec 21, 2012 (yes i know)
Team Pink, Blue or Yellow? Blue! I'll be happy either way but I'd love another boy
Any names? My partner and i had pretty much agreed on Rowan since it is unisex but now I'm starting to look at other names
Anything exciting happening soon? I go to my doctor tomorrow!
How has this pregnancy been challenging? Hoping for the best, trying to stay positive, dealing with bleeding and cramps.
What about this pregnancy has been a complete blessing? (Aside from the pregnancy itself being a blessing) I'm not supposed to even have children so for me to be pregnant with my 2nd makes me feel so lucky already. Everytime i think something is terribly wrong i go to my dr and my little jellybean is still there!
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