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May 9th, 2012, 05:01 PM
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I think what they mean by "comfortable" is that compared to being sick most of the first trimester and being completely miserable in the third trimester, this is the most "comfortable" time during pregnancy. So its a big misconception lol!

When I was pregnant with DD I thought the same thing you were thinking, but now that I'm on to number two I get it, I'm not exactly comfortable, but considering how I felt the first 14 weeks and how I know whats coming during the 3rd trimester, I consider myself to feel awesome right now! lol

I am sleeping like crap, I can't get comfortable, I am feeling a lot of stretching in my abdomen this week, I have back pain that comes and goes, and I swell up in the heat. So yeah, I wouldn't consider that "comfortable" at all! I think if people wrote the pregnancy books while they were pregnant, they would tell a different story! hehe
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