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May 9th, 2012, 08:56 PM
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First off let me start by saying that im new to this site. I'm 21 years old. Have a wonderful and very supporting boyfriend. I'm very unique of a girl with many medical problems. My periods have always been very irregular since I started my period when I was 17. I've been on many kinds of birthcontrol since then and have only had good success with one but now I'm not taking it because of medical problems and since then I started a new 1 but this 1 really makes my cycles all messed up then what they already are and were giving me horrible and painful periods so since then I've stopped taking my birthcontrol. which was now 2 months ago.
Im not trying to get pregnant but if it happens then I am more than happy with it. Honestly I feel that as I can not get pregnant because I have piles of medical problems which the main 1 s being liver transplant 1996, hpv, and now a cyst on my overy. Im a very skinny girl and have been with other men unproteded. When and if I do et pregnant I also feel that it will take a huge tole on my body and going to the doctors many times of the months. I wonder if anyone out their has had successful transplants along with pregnancys.
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