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May 10th, 2012, 06:24 AM
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I do have some experience with transplantation surgery and the management afterwards (mainly kidneys, but livers a LONG time ago!). I would certainly recommend you chat to your transplant hepatologist or transplant surgeon prior to TTC as pregnancy in any solid organ transplant patient is considered high-risk (to yourself, the baby and the transplant organ).

Ideally, your pregnancy and TTC journey should be mananged in a specialist centre, with the delivery being done in a hospital with transplant surgeons available. It certainly is possible to become pregnant and have a healthy baby once transplanted, but there are significant considerations to the type and level of immunosuppression medication, as well as the potential complications that may occur.

I would speak to your doctor about TTC and then once all your meds are sorted, hopefully you won't have a problem

Good luck and KUP
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