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May 10th, 2012, 10:28 AM
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thank you ever one for your support. ive been going to a obgyn near my house they are all super sweet lady's but im going to a new obgyn that my transplant doctor refurred me too though University Of Michigan hospital because that is where ALL my medical records are at(where i got my transplant at) I feel safer going to them and they have the best high-risk care. I also signed a paper so uofm could get my medical records from the place ive been going too.
lelila my levels have been perfect the past 5 years! I'm taking Cellcept 750x2day Prograf 1.5x2day. I'm 15 years in and havent had any problems with the liver it's self since the transplant.
My appointment is the 16th and it couldnt come any faster! because i have so many questions with pregnancy on me and with the cyst on my overy. keep everyone updated!
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