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May 10th, 2012, 11:17 AM
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I am still newly pregnant but i have already decided that I will be going all natural! I have already had many comments like the "oh wait until labor" "I could never do that, how are your going to do it?" (im going to a birth center) "something could go wrong"

i have not heard any good positive birth stories yet except for a friend of mine who was only in labor for three hours!! no meds!

I think i might be keeping my plan (unless someone asks) on the dl, just to avoid some of the comments or horrible birth stories (which a lot could be linked back to hospital interventions that got in the way).

People just don't see it the way we do! they see someone in a field giving birth and going about their business.

I got my mom to watch the business of being born the other day. she was supportive but reserved about my plans before she watched it. After she was totally excited and appalled at the maternity care in america these days!

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