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May 10th, 2012, 11:55 AM
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LOL I sooo want a little girl. So does Reme's mom. She's seeing an RE about the best way for her to have another (since it's a tad risky), I think it'd be weird and yet cool for us to be pregnant at the same time and give Reme siblings!

I could not imagine 8 kids, or 16.. or heck even 4. We will be a 3 kid max family, and one of those will only be part time.

Btw Jen (or is it 2n's?), I'm thinking your next will be a girl

I'm totally slacking on the timing this month. Seriously, I'm just going to bd from now until I don't feel like it anymore (which usually seems to be about 7 days after a pos opk and pos cm signs). That should about cover me. I don't want to chart, I don't want to care.. I just want to be knocked up!

Plus, if I do it casually now, he'll let me do it with more gusto this fall. rofl

He wants us to get pregnant in July.. cause he'll be off work, and that means lots of extra sex for him. Kinda hard to fit in extra when he gets up at 4, leaves for work at 5, gets home at 5, and is asleep by 7:30.
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