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May 11th, 2012, 02:12 AM
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Yea its actually really helpful... the o pain everyone thought i was crazy including my hunny when we conceived our son because i knew right away that it had finally haapoened.... it took us 66 months and we bd the night before i ovulated and that next day i had such horrible cramps ... i mean shooting pains everywhere it was uncomfortable to even sit and they lasted for like 6 1/2hours two days later my bb's got realky tingly and i just knew.... when i finally got the bfp my hunny calked the company because he thought the line was sopposed to be completely dark ugh men! .... are you using preseed i've heard really good things about it.... i'm thinkinng about trying it if it doesnt happen for us this month only because we plan on moving out if state next year and i really want my doctor to deliver my 2nd baby its so funny he delivered my little brother 17but years ago and my 1st baby the man gives me a hug everytime i go in for anything lol

6 months not 66 sorry
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