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May 11th, 2012, 04:51 PM
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Thanks for the welcome .... im excited we ll all be in the 2 ww that is of course if my body doesnt completely screw me over this month i try explaining things to my hunny but he just doesnt get it... i just started taking vitamin d3 supplements after having a few really strange cycles for me .... i went to the doctor and he suggested i get my vitamin d tested the results came in the mail saying abnormal which explained alot of things actually so i started taking right away... i go back wensday to talk to him ... of course ive been driving myself nuts thinking something else is wrong too but hopefully not ... he did tell me he saw ni reason wgy we couldnt start trying but we ll see ... still no surge or ewcm... but all the calculators say it could be as late as monday which would be cd 20 for me unless i missed it... ive been having a whole lot of crampibg that just stopped today so i have no idea whats going on ... keep me updated ladies its encouraging to read what other women are going through at the same time but o and teacher thats exactly what happwnes to me when we conceived my son i actually enjoyes bd rather then feeling likw a robot
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