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May 12th, 2012, 08:42 AM
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I don't blame you at all...I wouldn't take anything to terminate a pregnancy unless they had ROCK SOLID proof that it wasn't viable. Your numbers aren't high enough yet that I would think you are in terrible danger, so I'd wait it out and see what happens. Honestly I'd rather risk losing a tube than take a pill not knowing if I was hurting a viable pregnancy, but that's a decision that each individual has to make based on their own circumstances.

I don't know how well you know my story, but I hope this helps:

Pregnancy #1 -
14DPO - beta was 11.8
16DPO - beta was 12.4 I was told to stop progesterone and wait for AF
20DPO - beta was 95...I was given info on methotrexate and told to watch for signs of an ectopic
22DPO - beta was 286...still concerned about ectopic...RE told me I was a mystery
27DPO - beta was 1632

This pregnancy resulted in a healthy full-term baby girl.

Pregnancy #2 -
Betas were fine, but my 5w1d ultrasound showed a sac that the RE thought was too small. SHe told me it was a "threatened miscarriage" and that things could go either way.

Our next ultrasound at 6w4d showed TWO babies with heartbeats. We're expecting a baby boy and a baby girl this fall.

Doctors get this stuff wrong ALL THE TIME. They do their best, but they don't plan for miracles or know what to do with them. They base everything on logic, science, and the odds. Well, some of us just have to remind them that God has a hand in these things, and science can't always explain everything.

Shasta, you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope your little bean is fighting hard right now to grow and snuggle in! I have everything crossed that every appointment will bring better news

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